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Pimp Out Your Facebook Timeline! (PART 2)

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In Part 1, you learned about Facebook’s new guidelines for Timeline, the strategies behind using your main image to promote your business, and the pixel length and width you will be working with, and how to chose a URL for your Timeline!

Now that you are thinking about your new look and approach, we will begin to talk about your audience!


The “LIKE” Button

Ever since the dawn of the World Wide Web, people have been coming up with ways to generate traffic to their pages.  They go as far as paying for email addresses- were then spammy emails are blasted out, paying to be on link-farms, using SEO tactics to get ahead, paying for Ad-space on already high-trafficked pages; the list goes on, but some of these methods are more ethical than others.

In the age of Social Media, the trend of getting people to “LIKE” your page became the hot ticket. Once the user “LIKES” your page, or in other instances “FOLLOW” your page, they could then see your content, comment, share and “like”photos, etc.

FACEBOOK HAS CHANGED THIS! That’s right, and they can do that because they are the third largest country in the world, remember?!!!

Now, as a Facebook user, I can view all pages, like and share their content, without having to become a fan of the page! SAY WHAT?

You might be asking yourself, “How does that change the way we use Facebook?” Or, “Does that mean all those Fans I have are irrelevant?” Or, “What should I have for lunch today?”

It’s simple!!! As long as you are creating AWESOME CONTENT people are going to be sharing your page. I think this is genius of Facebook. It’s a total quality control tactic, and I love it!

Something I recently shared on Facebook:


1) Is it awesome content? [ X ]YES or  [   ]NO

2) Did I engage one of my friends? [ X ]YES  or  [   ]NO

3) Will I continue to trust and share content by Chase Jarvis? ABSOLUTELY!

The moral of the story is…so maybe you have 2000 likes on your page, but if only 3 people are engaged, your are clearly not generating content that people want to share with their friends.



It may seem like I am beating this content topic with a stick, but it really is a key factor in your success!!!

My ultimate advice to you and your business, is to consider the reason why your target market uses Facebook.

Are they really there to buy your clothes? NO!

Do they really want you to overrun their News Feed with BLAH BLAH? NO!

What they are there for is to catch up with old friends, keep up to date with current topics, ask questions, post photos from their trip to Hawaii…nowhere does the average user go to Facebook to spend money and watch advertisements.

Here is a sample of something I recently shared that is a Fashion Blog post from a company I like:


This is awesome content, well, with me being the perfect target market for Refinery29. Plus, the thumbnail looks good, the link clicks through to a good website, and I trust the people recommending these jeans. Will I buy printed jeans? Probably not. But did I read a few extra articles while I was visiting this story? I sure did.

Use your Admin Panel at the top of your Page (you wont see this panel for a personal Timeline) to see which posts had the most shareability! If people are often sharing your photos, then continue to share them! It’s important to have an idea of what is working, and what is not.


So, now that you see the importance of having AMAZING content, let’s quickly go over building your Timeline from the bottom up.

When you convert your page to Timeline you will have the option to add back-dated content. This is cool because you can also feature these items as monuments in the course of your business.

For me, I added an establishment date and photo (Pixel width approximately 843 pixels wide x 403 pixels tall):


One really cool feature THAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT is a tiny button in the bottom left corner of your posts, “Hide from News Feed”.

How it works:

When I set up my Timeline, I noticed that I wasn’t a very active user in 2009. But I had done some really cool photography stuff that is worth adding to my timeline. I can totally do this, which rocks, but it could also be confusing for my viewers to see outdated material pop up in their News Feed.

All I have to do is click the middle line, which is the blue line that runs in the middle of my posts. Click the exact date I want to document, add my content, CLICK “Hide from News Feed”, and Post.

Here is a screenshot:


So, now you can beef-up your Timeline with all of the amazing things you have achieved without having to confuse everyone! Fantastic! This could take some time commitment, so it’s up to you how thorough you wish to be.



Thank you so much for reading!

I hope this helps you along the way to becoming the most savvy, user-friendly Facebook Timeline out there! Stay tuned for additional tid-bits of information answering questions like:

How often should I be posting?

Should I be linking to all of my other networks like Twitter and Pinterst?

How do I handle negative comments from users?


 Do you have any questions for me?