The Photography of Kristen Blush




U.S. Virgin Islands Winter Escape

National Park Palms
I had the glorious pleasure of visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands this weekend!

There are some special highlights and many firsts for me, including:

1) Snorkeling…I saw thousands of lovely under-the-sea creatures! Plus, I found a platinum wedding band at the bottom of the ocean, then later, I found it’s owner.

2) Sailing…I did this for the first time! We departed from Caneel Bay on St. John Island, and made two stops along surrounding islands for snorkeling. We spotted a sea turtle and drank a lot of rum punch. Such an amazing crew, too!

3) We saw wild donkeys, roosters, pelicans, geckos, bats, crabs, sea turtle, mongoose and a variety of bird. Also visited the Virgin Islands National Park!

4) We took a sunset cruise on one of the largest yachts in the world, The Archimedes!

Please enjoy my photographs below…there were countless beauties seen and discovered on this adventure. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and admiration for the ocean and this weekend in the sun.


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