Cannabis on campus: will you use it at school?

The nozzle will be legal throughout the country on October 17, but that does not mean that your school already knows how to regulate it

It's time of year again. The leaves are falling, you're heading back to school, smoking pot in the air, what?

That would be smart

First of all, it is worth noting that most colleges and universities seem to be giving priority to students being taught the most. This is not so much witch hunt for hemp users, how the desire of school staff to keep everyone in the city is safe and comfortable. Whether these are new users who do not know their own limits, students use cannabis with alcohol or under the influence of alcohol, there is a lot to worry about

This is a particularly difficult area to be found in the context of social stigmatization of the subject. An open conversation about a subject that has been taboo for so long does not come easily to everyone. What can explain why many schools have been robberly this in different way

Up to now, the map seems to have been the whole map for every single school. Some even wonder whether even formal policies are needed, or if schools should trust that nothing will change

The degree to which you will see (or be able to use) marijuana in your school this year will depend to a large extent on your individual school

What's all this?

Hundreds of different Canadian secondary schools can use hundreds of different approaches. One of the most promising plans identified is the University of New Brunswick St. John. They brought together a group of students, staff and government officials to work together on the establishment of formal school guidelines

Other schools, such as Dalhousie, prohibit all forms of smoking in university ownership. Then there is the Northern Albert Edmonton Institute of Technology, which takes it even more and completely prohibits cannabis

The easy first step may be to simply ban cannabis in the same places where they prohibit normal smoking. After that, you can guess. In any case, perhaps you should not hope that your school will encourage any cannabis growing

What if I just ate Cannabis instead?

Not everything will be so simple as to make a decision about educational institutions. What is a decision about eaten? Are their concerns that smoking prevents other people from using cannabis in general? How can they know it's not just a normal brownie that you're eating?

The reality is that schools cannot react with panic. If they want to see success in their new policies, they must do everything to do so. After all, it doesn't seem like cannabis hasn't been on campus for years

In general, students who want to use cannabis will use it. Now, the schools can understand what this looks like to move forward

Is it gonna be smoking or not?

To be honest, we don't know if you can smoke, and it doesn't look like your school knows about it

Politicians that can't be recorded overnight. Your school, no doubt, is trying to get everything for the first time. However, if they fail to understand what is going on in the near future, students are just going to do what they want, and it doesn't seem like a great solution

No matter what your school decides if you're going to use marijuana on campus, just be safe and be nice to people around you. It's not supposed to be too hard, is it?

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